Call for Speakers

MTConnect Institute is compiling a world-class roster of manufacturing technology thought leaders and industry insiders for the upcoming [MC]2 conference, which will be packed with timely insights, strategic views, and actionable items. Think you have something interesting to say about how data-driven manufacturing intelligence is transforming shop floor operations? We invite you to submit a proposal to present a 30-45 minute talk. Potential program tracks are listed below.

Presenting at the conference offers an opportunity for you to showcase how solutions resulted in benefits, initiate provocative discussions, and share effective strategies to manage many of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry today. We are interested in selecting speakers who share our commitment to providing the [MC]2 audience with unique experiences and information that matters.

We are accepting speaker proposals now through January 15, 2014. Please send us the information below and be sure to include all of your contact information. We will confirm that we've received your proposal and will follow up directly with you by February 3, 2014, if you've been accepted or if we have any questions.

Thanks for your interest in [MC]2 and we look forward to seeing you April 8-10 in Orlando, Fla. at the Caribe Royale Orlando resort!

Conference Theme and Overall Program

The theme for 2014 is “Advancing Data-Driven Manufacturing.” Potential program tracks are listed below.

Technical Training will occur during the first day of the conference and will consist of approximately 7 hours of hands-on workshops. One of the topics covered will be how to build an MTConnect adapter.

General Sessions will be during the morning of the second and third day of the conference. These sessions will cover topics that are applicable to a broad set of conference attendees and tend to be more business oriented.

Breakout Sessions will run concurrently in three or four time slots during the afternoon of the second day of the conference. Below are the types of topic areas that would be suitable for these sessions:

  • Advancing with technology (technology track)
    • Cloud computing and security
    • Equipment and device interoperability of the future
    • Emerging technologies in the digital manufacturing space
    • Champions for change in digital manufacturing
    • Big data in manufacturing
  • Fostering plant operations and effectiveness (business track)
    • Strategic planning for the manufacturing plant of the future
    • Models for data-driven operational efficiency
    • Productivity measurement, dashboards, and decision support
    • Sustainability and energy efficiency
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Life cycle management
  • Other
    • Building a user community
    • Running a successful manufacturing intelligence start-up business
    • Monitoring alternative manufacturing processes (additive, EDM, etc.)

Preparing Successful Proposals

MTConnect Institute is looking for dynamic presentations that celebrate our successes, challenge our thinking, and push the digital manufacturing field forward all with MTConnect as the underlying fabric.

A team of peer reviewers will evaluate and rate all session proposals. Reviewers consider the following questions when evaluating proposals; please consider them carefully as you write your session descriptions. Provide enough detail for reviewers to fully understand your plans.

  • Does the presentation inform the audience about proven practices, push the leading edge of the profession, and motivate the pursuit of excellence?
  • Does the proposal adequately explain what will occur in the session? How engaging is the presentation likely to be?
  • How well does this proposal deliver positive, solution-oriented outcomes supported by research, experience, and/or program evaluation?

To help maximize the number and diversity of presenters and perspectives, each individual or team of individuals is limited to two proposal submissions.

How to Submit a Proposal

All proposals must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on January 15, 2014. Proposals must be submitted via e-mail to Hilena Hailu at Each submission must have the following:


Job Title:


Program Track(s):

Information about the Presentation:


Information about the presentation must include: title, presenter(s), target audience, audience’s top three takeaways, and summary.

Receipt confirmation will be sent for each submission.

Important Notes

All presenters and co-presenters are required to register and pay published conference fees as the MTConnect Institute is primarily dependent upon conference fees and sponsorships for funding the operations of the Institute.

All presenters must confirm their conference participation by registering for the conference by the February 3, 2014, presenter deadline.

If your proposal is accepted, you will have an additional opportunity to finalize session information after you receive your acceptance notice.

If you have questions about the submission, review system, or the program tracks, please contact MTConnect Institute at